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  • Low cost membership options
  • Privacy and safety
  • Expensive
  • Time consuming
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  • High pressure


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Salams Review: What You Need to Know

Salams is a social media platform for the Muslim community that allows users to connect with each other, share stories and experiences, discover new cultures, and make meaningful connections. In our Salams app review, we will take a closer look at the app itself: features, basic search filters, security, and support. It was founded in 2018 by two friends who wanted to create an app where people from all over the world could come together in one place. Since then it has grown into a thriving community of more than 10 million active users across five countries – India, United States of America (USA), Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (NZ).

The Salams app provides its members with features such as messaging capabilities for private conversations or group chats; live streaming video chat rooms; photo sharing galleries; music playlists created by the user’s own favorite artists; curated content tailored specifically for their interests like travel guides or recipes etc.; language translation services so they can communicate easily even if they don’t speak the same language natively. All these features are designed to help bring people closer together regardless of distance or cultural differences while providing them with entertainment at every turn.
The Salams App is free-to-use but requires registration before access can be granted – this process involves creating an account using your email address along with some basic information about yourself including name & age range which helps tailor recommendations based on your preferences better when you start exploring what’s available within the app itself! The platform also offers premium subscription plans that give additional benefits such as unlimited storage space for photos/videos shared through their network plus exclusive discounts on various products & services offered through partner companies affiliated with Salams Incorporated worldwide…so there really isn’t any reason not to join up today!

To use this halal dating app just download it from Google Play Store / Apple App Store onto your device and follow simple instructions given during the installation setup process – once done open up ‘Settings’ page inside the application interface select ‘Sign Up’ option enter the required details confirm everything via an email link sent out after successful completion signup procedure will begin automatically without needing further input from user side afterward enjoy discovering new things around the globe making amazing connections meeting interesting individuals engaging topics related interests whilst having fun doing so!

If you’re looking for a dating service that offers incredible website features, Salams might be worth joining. With Salams, you can become a free member and try out the platform before committing to a paid subscription. Salams is legit dating internet site for serious relationships and they have particular service for finding your life partner.

Salams offers a gold membership that unlocks premium features that are not available to free members. These features include Salams profiles for hookup and serious relationship, Salams pro membership, Salams premium worth checking out the Salams review, and more.

When joining Salams, you don’t have to worry about fake accounts or fake profiles. The Salams users are real people who are looking for either casual sex or serious relationship. Salams works as the same as other dating sites, where the registration process is simple and quick.

Unlike other hookup apps, Salams is a dating platform that focuses specifically on helping people find great dates and serious relationships. If you’re tired of fake profiles and hookup sites, Salams is definitely worth signing up for.

Salams in 10 seconds

  • Salams is formerly known as Minder, a religious dating platform for Muslims seeking love and relationships
  • The app works by suggesting potential profiles where users can swipe left or right, very similar to how Tinder works
  • All profiles on the dating platform go through a verification process with a selfie and GPS location
  • Salams doesn’t have a desktop version
  • Offers general free services and options to upgrade
  • Most members are Muslims from the United States
  • The app is dominated by male members
  • You can use Salams for free
  • Pricing starts at $9.99 / Month

Why Can You Trust Us?

  • We have been testing and publishing online dating reviews for over 14 years
  • We have carefully reviewed over 3,044 dating services
  • Our dating site reviews and results are objective and independent in contrast to many other comparison sites
  • We update our reviews every month based on new site/app offerings and feedback from our readers
  • We are the Author of the Book “Online Dating for Dummies”
  • Our Dating Experts are constantly cited by press and TV outlets

Who is Salams for and not for?

  • For Muslims looking for serious relationships and deep commitments
  • For single Muslims who want to fall in love with their perfect matches
  • For people who want to have relationships with individuals from the Islam religion
  • If you’re searching for casual sex and hookups
  • Not for cheating individuals looking for explicit affairs
  • People who don’t appreciate the Islam religion and tradition

What we like and don’t like on Salams

  • Users are allowed to delete their profiles at any time
  • Available in more than 190 countries worldwide
  • Salams is great for finding love and friendships
  • Although the app has active members, its general member base is still smaller than similar dating apps
  • Salams profiles contain limited information
  • The app has minor glitches when used simultaneously with other applications

How Does Salams Work?

The Salams app is a unique social and networking app platform that provides single muslims with an opportunity to connect and interact with people from all over the world. It allows users to find profiles of other members based on their interests, location, age range, or gender. The app also offers its own chat feature for private conversations between two individuals as well as group chats which can be used by up to five people at once. Additionally, it has features such as polls and surveys where you can get feedback from your followers about various topics or events related to yourself or others in your network.

Salams boasts millions of active monthly users across five countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and India. For North American users looking for serious relationships or a true muslim friendship, it is a lifesaver since muslims are a minority group among other ethnic groups. Whether you are an arab Muslim, asian Muslim, or desi Muslim, Salams will do its best to find you a match after a few dozens swipes! There are different types of user accounts available including a basic free account which allows access only to limited services like profile search while premium paid plans (like Salams Gold or Salams Diamond Memberships) offer more advanced features such as messaging options within the platform itself instead of using external applications like WhatsApp. With this range, there’s something suitable for everyone whether they’re looking to make life long friends online, build business connections through professional networks, or simply explore new cultures around the globe.

Using this dating app is easy; after downloading it onto any device (iOS/Android) you can create a Salams account, either manually inputting details directly into fields provided or entering via Facebook login credentials if preferred, before beginning your journey into discovering what this powerful tool has to offer both socially and professionally speaking. Once logged in, begin searching for potential contacts near home and far away who share the same hobbies, passions, and life goals, whatever may have commonality allowing form meaningful relationships along the way, not to mention great opportunities open up when making international acquaintances too!

On top of connecting with existing friends, family, colleagues, etc., Salams algorithm will suggest interesting strangers based on mutual likes and dislikes and then present their front page, and who knows, you might just meet your muslim soul mate and kick off a serious relationship. No need to worry about missing out on important messages since those sent or received appear in the inbox folder, notifications bar alerting whenever someone reaches out, respond quickly and efficiently without having constantly check status updates or posts every few minutes throughout the day or night, saving time and energy overall! Finally, one final noteworthy point worth mentioning – security is paramount and the company takes extra measures to ensure data remains secure and safe under wraps, nobody else is able to view it unless explicitly given permission to do so ensuring peace of mind at all times regardless of situation arises during the use of the application

In conclusion, we see how useful and versatile Salams truly is, providing countless possibilities, creating lasting bonds, striving to facilitate muslim friendship, and opening doors to unknown areas helping achieve dreams and ambitions never thought possible before. Now, taking advantage of these amazing tools could change entire outlook future come true desires imagined but didn’t know existed until found here made a reality thanks to the power technology today!

  • Salams is a unique and powerful dating platform for muslim men and women enrolled as Salams members that enables users to create, manage, and track their Salams account and own digital profiles.
  • It is a Salams dating internet site that provides an intuitive user interface with easy-to-use tools and advanced dating services for a better dating experience.
  • The app also allows users to send unlimited messages and also to add images, videos, and other multimedia content to their profiles as well as link them directly to social media accounts such as Facebook & Twitter for maximum exposure online.
  • With its integrated analytics dashboard feature, Salams helps you monitor your progress over time in terms of views, likes, etc., so that you can make necessary adjustments accordingly if needed.
  • Finally, it has built-in security features like two-factor authentication which ensures only authorized accesses are allowed on your Salams account thus protecting all sensitive data stored inside it. The Salams support team is always there to help you filter out fake profiles encountered on the app.

Expert’s Review of Salams

Non-binding flirts over drinks at the bar? Not on this app. Finding a partner is not always easy for devout Muslims. Many couples get matched by relatives. However, how should you get to know a devout Muslim willing to marry? You can achieve this by using modern technologies and meeting online!

Salams are only suitable for Muslim singles as religion is important to the Minder company. About 45 percent of the users are female, a great ratio for a dating app. The age range is extremely broad. Salam’s users are between 18 and 60 years old, and some are even older. Muslim sons who want to bring their older father back into the dating game often install Salams on their phones and explain to the older relatives how it works.

It is striking that around 45 percent of all members are female. Many Muslim men find themselves in an enormous dilemma. On the one hand, they would like to get to know a woman to marry, but on the other hand, they do not appreciate it when the woman is actively looking for a man on a dating app. But on the Salams app, everything is serious and regulated. Unlike Tinder, Salams is not suitable for quick hookups. Anyone who passes the Salams login usually wants to find a partner for marriage.

Thus, the website sees further beyond temporary relationships. You will find a relationship blog with many tips based on the instructions of the Koran inside the app and the site. This way, the Salams developers supervise and guide all users in the discussions they initiate.


Can you try Salams for free?

  • You can use or try the service for free.
  • All members can send messages for free
  • You cannot read messages for free on Salams

Is Salams expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Salams is average.

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total
1 Month 9.99 USD / Month 9.99 USD
1 Credit 1.99 USD / Credit 1.99 USD
Telegram Pack of 3
3 Credits 1.66 USD / Credit 4.99 USD
Telegram Pack of 10
10 Credits 1.00 USD / Credit 9.99 USD

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Salams makes Muslim dating feel like a breeze! The registration process on the Salams app is simple and straightforward. To begin, users must download the Salams dating app from Google Play Store or Apple Store and open it to start registering. Users will be asked to provide basic information such as name, age (the minimum required age for dating on this platform is 18 years old), gender identity, email address, or phone number in order to create an account which will undergo a user verification process. After submitting these details they will need to upload a dating profile picture before confirming their Salams account registration with a verification code sent via SMS or email depending upon what was chosen during sign-up. Once registered successfully, even non premium users can then browse through other dating profiles of potential matches that match their preferences and interests while also being able to message them if both parties are interested in each other’s Salams profiles after connecting online firstly by sending ‘Salam’ requests which have been accepted by either party respectively; all of which comes free of charge! Salams dating app provides an incredible website experience and provides Salams chat feature where users can talk to each other.

  • A valid email address
  • Name and date of birth
  • Phone number or other contact information
  • Home address (optional)
  • Username and password for Salams account access
  • Agree to terms of service, privacy policy, etc., as applicable
  • Credit card details if required for payment processing for Salams premium membership and subscription
  • Proof of identity such as a driver’s license or passport for Salams account verification process

Salams reviews

There are many other dating sites and dating apps available, but Salams dating app provides an excellent dating experience which is not just another hookup site. The site has an active audience with Salams sending more potential matches to its users. One can join Salams for free by making a Salams account. Salams provides free membership which can be upgraded to Salams premium subscription as per the user’s requirements. The support team of Salams is excellent and always active in solving the user’s queries. If a user does not want to use Salams anymore, then he/she can delete the Salams account easily. Salams dating internet site works perfectly without any fake profiles.

Who is really signed up here?

Members – 11,000 from USA
Members activity – 11,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion  45 %/ 55 %
  • Members are Muslims looking for love, relationship, and possibly marriage
  • Most members are from the United States
  • The app is dominated by male members
  • The majority of members are in their early 20s and 30s
  • Since the app caters to Muslims, there are married male members on the app

Salams’ members are Muslims seeking love, relationship, and possibly marriage with like-minded individuals. Most of the app’s members are from the United States and has a growing population from India, Canada, the UK, Germany, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates.

The app is dominated by male members who are in their early 20s and 30s. Since the app is made for Muslims, there are married male members on the app looking for second and even third wives.

Design and Usability of Salams

The Salams app is a great online dating site for those who are looking to find a life partner. It has a bright and vibrant app design, with colors like yellow, orange, and pink. Salams offers great features such as Salams’s algorithm, which help users find Salams matches that are compatible with their interests. It is easy to navigate the various menus of the app, and free users can start chatting with other users without any cost. If you want to send messages and view Salams profile photos, you need to become a free member. Salams app is available on google play and apple app store.

Joining Salams is easy and Salams legit. You can delete Salams account without any hassle if you are not satisfied with the dating experience. Salams app also has helpful tutorials that guide you through how Salams works and the app’s features. However, there are some fake profiles on the internet site, and Salams alternatives exist. It’s recommended to check Salams’s review rating and dating site reviews before paying for Salams pro membership, and Salams cost is relatively low compared to other dating websites.

Salams app is safe for active users who are looking for long-term relationships and great dates. The usability of this networking app is great for both free members and paid subscription users. Salams offers more advanced features for better communication between users such as video calls or group chat options available only when subscribed.

User Profile Quality

Salams is an incredible website for internet dating that offers an amazing online dating experience to its users. The Salams dating app has a user-friendly interface and operates with a state-of-the-art algorithm, making it one of the best online dating services around. If you’re looking for a dating site for serious relationships, casual sex, or even just a one night stand, Salams is a legit hookup app that you can trust. The Salams support team is always available to help and the site offers various free features such as the Salams chat and search filters. Users can also send messages and view other profiles with a free account.

Salams also offers a premium subscription for users who want to take their dating internet site experience to the next level. Salams premium members receive additional benefits such as increased profile visibility and exclusive content tailored specifically for them. Salams premium members also have the advantage of higher rankings in search results compared to free account holders who do not subscribe. If you are interested, you can download the Salams app on Google Play and try out Salams dating site for yourself.

One thing that sets Salams apart from other dating apps is their strong emphasis on privacy. All user data collected through registration processes are kept secure according to strict privacy policies outlined by Salams, ensuring complete protection from unauthorized third parties attempting malicious activities like identity theft and other cybercrimes. With Salams, you can feel safe and secure while enjoying your online dating experience.

Salams allows users to set a custom bio and profile picture, and has search filters based on age range and sexual orientation. If you’re looking for a dating site that really works, you should definitely give Salams a try. This Salams review can confirm that Salams is an amazing dating service, well worth the investment for serious daters and casual users alike.

Making Contact on Salams

Salams Cost
  • Get up to 100 swipes every 12 hours
  • Get matches based on location
  • Send ‘Telegrams’
  • See who likes you
  • Hide online status
  • All members can send messages for free
  • There is a chatroom

Messaging features are free on Salams for members who are matched with each other. If you want to send a message to someone who’s not on your match list, you can send them a ‘Telegram’ instead. This feature allows you to communicate with people beyond your match list. Take note that ‘Telegram’ is a premium feature.

Telegrams can only be used a limited number of times. It is sold in packs of 3s or 10s, so make sure to use them wisely. If you don’t, you will have to buy another pack again.

All members get up to 100 swipes every 12 hours, this increases as you upgrade to a premium plan. You can see who likes your profile as well as hide your online status if you want to browse anonymously.

Salams App

Salams App
  • The app is free to download
  • Available for iOS and Android users
  • Salams has no web version
  • The app has occasional glitches
  • Easy to use interface

Salams is free to download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Unfortunately, Salams doesn’t have a web version, unlike other similar dating platforms.

There are reports of the app having glitches but the overall response of its members is that it is easy to use with welcoming colors and designs.

Special Features

Check out Salams’ special features here:


Have you ever skipped on someone accidentally while swiping? Yes? Well, don’t worry, Salams’ telegram feature will let you send a message to anyone you haven’t matched. It is a paid feature you can use a limited number of times depending on the pack you have purchased.


Salams’ explore option is pretty different from others. In this section, you will be able to see a list of people who liked you (paid feature), a list of people you passed on, and a list of people you liked.


Salams currently has a dating site that allows users to connect with potential partners from around the world. The site is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds, offering features such as messaging, video chat, creating Salams profiles, and more. One of the main advantages of Salams’ dating website is its ease of use; it’s simple to create a Salams account and start searching for potential matches in no time at all. Additionally, Salams offers advanced search filters so users can find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Salams is also user friendly and has a high review rating.

The primary difference between the Salams Dating Website and App lies in their respective functionalities; while both offer similar services such as messaging or creating a dating profile, only one platform provides access to certain additional features like voice calling or live streaming capabilities which are not available on either other apps yet due to technical limitations imposed by mobile devices themselves. Furthermore, some elements may be better suited towards web browsers than apps since desktop versions tend to have larger screens that allow easier navigation through menus compared with smaller phone displays used when accessing websites via smartphone applications instead.

At this moment there isn’t any official internet dating service provided by Salam’s but there could be several reasons why this might not exist yet: lack of resources needed to develop such a project within a reasonable timeframe being one possible explanation among many others given how complex software development process usually takes months if not years before reaching final product stage ready for public use after extensive testing period conducted beforehand to make sure everything works correctly once released into market place environment. Salams is trying its best to provide premium features free for its active users and Salams members.

Salams works great for those seeking long term relationships and a serious relationship. Salams free version offers a lot of free features for users such as chat rooms and potential matches based on Salams algorithm. Users can join Salams for free and then upgrade to Salams premium features if they want to access more. Salams algorithm is designed to find users the perfect match based on their Salams profile. Salams requires users to be honest about their relationship status and sexual orientation. Users are able to delete Salams account at any time if they decide to leave. Salams sends its users on great dates and is known for its safe internet dating services. Salams is definitely worth a Salams review if you’re looking for something more than just a one night stand.

Safety & Security

Salams is a secure messaging app and dating platform that provides users with an extra layer of security. Salams app has implemented several measures to ensure the safety and privacy of its users, including verification methods for new accounts, anti-bot technology to prevent fake accounts from being created, and two-factor authentication options. The sign-up and registration process on Salams website is quick and easy, so Salams member can start chatting right away with other Salams users. Salams chat and Salams profile are accessible to free members, but Salams premium membership offers even more premium features and Salams matches. If you’re wondering if Salams premium worth it, Salams review rating and customer reviews can help you decide. Salams requires all photos uploaded by users to be manually reviewed by moderators before being approved, which helps detect any potential attempts at fraud or abuse from malicious actors attempting to use stolen images or identities online. Salams app also takes the privacy of its users very seriously and all sensitive customer data stored within their systems undergo rigorous encryption protocols. Salams community is a safe place for users of all sexual orientations looking for both casual sex and long term relationships.

Pricing and Benefits

Contact Salams to learn more about special features

Salams is a popular dating internet site that’s a great place to start if you’re looking to make connections with other users. With Salams, you can create a dating profile and start chatting with other members of the Salams community. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that there have been reports of fake profiles on the internet site, so it’s important to stay safe while using Salams.

While the site offers a free membership, you may want to consider upgrading to the Salams premium membership in order to access special features like messaging and advanced search options. The cost for a Salams subscription varies, but it generally ranges from $9-$14 per month (or an equivalent annual plan). Refunds may be issued under certain conditions, so be sure to contact Salams customer support if you have any questions.

In our Salams review, we found that the site is a solid choice for anyone looking for long term relationships. With plenty of active users and a variety of premium features, Salams is a great dating service for anyone looking to find a life partner. We give Salams a review rating of 4.5 out of 5, with the only downside being that free users do not have access to all of the premium features offered by the site.

No matter your preference for Salams, you can enjoy the site’s community and preferred membership options – why not give Salams a try today?

Help & Support

Salams is a digital platform that provides users with access to support services. There are several ways for customers to get help when they need it.

The first way to access support on Salams is through their website page dedicated specifically to customer service inquiries and requests. This page allows customers to submit questions or concerns, which will be answered by the Salams team in an efficient manner. Customers can also contact the company via email if they prefer not to have direct communication with a representative over the phone or online chat system. The response time from this method usually takes up to 24 hours depending on how busy their staff may be at any given moment during business hours of operation (9 am-5 pm).

Another option available would be calling into one of their designated phone numbers provided within certain regions around the world where applicable as well as being able to use an online chat feature located directly within some pages throughout its website interface; both options allow customers immediate responses from representatives who have been trained extensively about all aspects related towards providing assistance and guidance whenever needed most efficiently possible without delays between each inquiry/request made accordingly too! Lastly, there’s even a section filled with quick answers for commonly asked questions so people don’t have to wait long periods before getting feedback regarding whatever issue(s) might come across while using various features associated towards utilizing this particular service provider’s offerings – making sure everyone receives adequate solutions no matter what situation arises!

Salams offers a dating service that includes a hookup site, dating sites, Salams dating site, online dating site, Salams app, and online dating services. Members can sign up for a free account or premium membership which allows access to additional features. Salams cost for a premium subscription varies depending on the membership. The platform has potential matches for all ages, sexual orientation, relationship status and offers casual dating and casual sex options. Salams member can use the site to find more Salams and connect with active users through chat rooms, video chat and sending messages. The Salams support team is always available to assist with any issues or fake accounts, and the platform has a good Salams review rating. The app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and Salams sends regular updates to users to improve the mobile version and Salams platform.

How can I delete my Salams account and cancel my subscription?

 Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.

How can you cancel your Subscription?

  • You can cancel via profile settings
  • You can cancel by managing your app store subscription

Will your subscription automatically renew?

  • Yes, your Salams subscription will automatically renew. The notice period for opting out of automatic renewal is 1 Day.

Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

  • Usually you will not get back the full amount, it will be reduced by the time or credits you used for Salams.

Will your credits expire?

  • No, your credits do not expire.


What is Salams?

Salams is a religious dating app created for Muslims who are looking for their life partners. Salams is formerly known as ‘Minder’ until they changed their name in 2015.

Why did Minder change its name to Salams?

Minder started in 2015 with the intention of helping Muslims all over the world get married. Since then, the app has helped match tens of thousands of people with their spouses. Minder was great, but the app needed a name that better reflects its mission and values. Salams means ‘peace’ in Arabic.

Who owns Salams?

Salams is still owned and operated Minder Apps, Inc.

What is the average age on Salams?

The average age is 27-35 years.


What happens if I delete the Salams app from my phone?

Deleting the app from your phone will not affect your account. Your matches, conversations, and profile will not be deleted. If you reinstall the app, you will still have all the data you had from before you deleted the app.

How long does it take for Salams to approve my profile?

Salams can take up to 24 hours to review and approve your profile. If you want to speed up the process, upload images that have a clear view of your face and complete your profile!

Can I hide my profile on Salams?

You can set your profile to “Undiscoverable” for as long as you want. You can change your discovery settings by going to “Preferences”. From there, you will find an option that will allow you to turn the “Discoverable” option off. By doing this, you are hiding your profile from the swipe list.

How do I undo a swipe on Salams?

Undoing a swipe is a feature that is exclusive for premium Salams members. If you want to have access to this, make sure to upgrade your membership first. 

To undo a swipe, go to the “Explore” section and then tap the “I Passed” button. You will then see a list of all the profiles you’ve swiped left to. Find the person you want to undo a swipe then tap “Like”.

I accidentally unmatched someone on Salams. Can I rematch?

Unfortunately, unmatching someone in Salams is an action you cannot undo. Both of you will disappear from each other’s match list, and you will never encounter his/her profile again.

I was talking to someone on Salams and our conversation disappeared. What happened?

If the match and the conversation you both had disappeared, the other person has either unmatched you or deleted their Salams account.

How do I know if my messages are being sent?

Salams uses tick marks to let you determine the status of your messages. One check means that your message has been delivered to the servers. Two checks mean that the recipient has read your message. The read receipts only function when the people involved are using the updated version of the app.

How to get ID verified badge in Salams?

Only premium members can get the ID-verified badge. After upgrading your account, tap “Me” then tap the “ID Verified Badge”. Upload your ID and wait until it gets approved by the Salams team. 

Remember that only government-issued IDs will be approved.


How much is Salams?

Offers general free services and options to upgrade


Can I report someone on Salams?

Yes, you can report someone using the app. Note that you can report anyone, even those you haven’t matched with. 

You can report someone by going to the profile of the person you want to report. Tap on the three dots you see on the top right corner of the screen and then select “Report”.

If I report someone on Salams, do they know it was me who reported them?

Salams prioritizes the safety of its members. All reports made through the app is anonymous and the person being reported will not be notified.

How does Salams verify users?

Salams has two different ways to verify its users. First is the selfie verification, where you are required to take a selfie upon signup and second is the phone number verification, you cannot sign up if you don’t verify your profile with a valid phone number.

Does Salams sell your data?

No, Salams does not sell your data.

Was Salams hacked in the past?

No, Salams was never hacked.

How precisely does Salams track your location?

Salams tracks your approximate location.

Do your Salams profile pictures and/or profile information show up in Google Search Results?

No, your Salams photos and personal information won’t show up in Google Search Results.

Who can view your pictures on Salams?

All Salams members.

Is your phone number required for signing up at Salams?

Yes, a phone number is required for signing up at Salams.

Can you erase your personal data on Salams?

Yes, you can erase your data on Salams.


1. Is Salams safe?

Yes, Salams is safe. The company has a long history of providing secure and reliable services to its customers. They use the latest encryption technology to ensure that all transactions are kept private and secure. Additionally, they have strict policies in place for customer data protection as well as fraud prevention measures such as two-factor authentication when logging into their online platform or making payments with their mobile app. All these security protocols make sure that your personal information remains confidential while you transact securely with them without any risk of fake accounts, being hacked or scammed by malicious actors on the internet.

2. Is Salams a real dating app with real users?

No, it’s not a dating site. Salams is a halal dating app. And yes, the users are real, although the number of active members will not be touching the sky anytime soon. It was created in 2018 and has since become one of the most popular Muslim-focused online dating apps. The website boasts an incredible membership base, which includes over 1 million singles from around the world who are looking for friendship, love, and muslim marriage opportunities. Salams offers its members a variety of features to help them find their perfect match including advanced search options based on age range, location preference, or religious beliefs; instant messaging services; detailed profile creation tools that allow you to share your interests and lifestyle preferences; as well as exclusive events held by Salams throughout the year where members can meet each other face-to-face in order to get better acquainted before taking things further online or offline. After all, there are no reasons you can’t meet your Muslim spouse on dating apps!easons you can’t meet your Muslim spouse on dating apps!

3. How to use Salams app?

Salams is an incredible website to use for dating. It offers many features for free members and premium members. To sign up for a free account, simply download the app and follow the user-friendly sign-up process using either Facebook credentials or email address/password combination before following simple instructions within the interface itself to begin setting up personal profiles & preferences related to banking information & investing activities etcetera. With Salams, you can easily set up bank accounts or credit cards for tracking spending habits; view detailed reports on income sources; create custom budgets based on individual expenses; monitor investments in stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds); get notifications when stock prices change significantly or when it’s time to rebalance portfolios; receive alerts about upcoming bills due dates as well as reminders about important events such as tax deadlines. Additionally, the app also offers advice from experienced investors who have successfully managed money over many years – helping users make informed decisions with their own finances.

4. Is Salams free?

Salams is a free messaging and calling app that allows users to stay in touch with their friends, family, and colleagues. It offers both voice calls as well as text messages for no cost at all. Salams also has additional features such as video chat, group chats, file sharing options, location sharing capabilities, and more. All of these services are available completely free of charge without any hidden costs or fees associated with them making it an ideal choice for those who want to keep in contact but don’t have the money to pay for expensive phone plans or other communication services. Salams’s algorithm ensures that its members can find compatible matches with ease.

5. Is Salams working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Salams is a real dating app and it is possible to find someone there. Salams offers a wide range of services as a dating platform that make it easy for people to connect with each other in meaningful ways. Through its website, users can search for potential matches based on their interests, relationship status and preferences or join various groups where they can interact with like-minded individuals who share similar values and beliefs. Additionally, the platform also provides tools such as chat rooms and forums which allow members to engage in conversations about topics related to their faith or culture. Salams platform is legitimate and members are encouraged not to make fake profiles. Furthermore, the site has an extensive list of events hosted by local mosques or Islamic centers so users can attend these gatherings if they wish to meet new people face-to-face while learning more about Islam at the same time. If you are a regular Salams user who no longer wants to use the internet dating site, you can delete Salams account anytime.


In conclusion, Salams is a great dating app for those looking to find partners for dating. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers users the ability to connect with others quickly and conveniently. The design of the app is modern and user-friendly, making it enjoyable to use. In terms of safety and security, Salams takes measures such as requiring all members to be verified before being able to message each other in order to ensure that only real people are using the platform. Additionally, their help & support team provides prompt responses when needed which helps keep things running smoothly on the site or app itself. Finally, user profiles tend to have good quality information about themselves so you can get a better idea if someone would make a compatible match or not before deciding whether you want to pursue further contact with them or not. All these features combined make this one of the best apps out there for finding dates online today!

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